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Plan Your Slam - How to get started planning a wild turkey grand slam

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Sitting the Vigil - How to withstand all day on the deer stand

ice fishing

Ice Fishing Safety


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A Scents-able Idea - The complete scent-control system for deer hunters

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Hunting Sign - How to scout deer by looking for buck sign


Why Bowhunters Miss - The first step toward a solution is identifying the cause of the problem




Hunting ATVs - What makes a good ATV for hunting


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Why Eat Wild Game? - There are some compelling reasons, particularly if you’re a health nut or want to protect the environment



Fowl Weather Gobblers - Hunting turkeys in the rain




The Early Bird - Early spring turkey calling

Part 1

Part 2


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Site Selection - Where to put your treestands


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Winter Dress - The right clothes to wear when venturing out in winter




Winter Deer Feeding - Pros and cons of supplemental winter feeding



Post-Season Scouting - Deer season never ends for the serious hunter



Rattle and Hum - Tips for rattling in a buck




Decoy Motion – Put some life into your spread to make it more deadly


bow hunting prep

Bowhunting Preparation – Some tips on how to get ready for archery season


trail camera

Trail Cameras for deer Scouting


Mock scrapes

Mock Scrapes


bow hunting prep

Last Minute Food Plots


Mackerel Fishing

Mackerel Fishing


Saltwater Tackle Storage

Saltwater Tackle Storage


Best Tide for Stripers

Best Tide for Stripers





Turkey Crossbows

Turkey Crossbows


Turkey Scouting

Turkey Scouting


Team up for Turkeys

Team up for Turkeys


Schoolie Stripers

Catching Schoolie Stripers





Turkey Field Dressing (Coming Soon)




Petersens Bowhunting Video Tips

Tips from Petersen’s Bowhunting

See all of Bob's videos on his YouTube Channel